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Video Production

For several years I have been recording and editing both video and audio productions. This page will cover video, another page will cover audio.

I have taught myself how to use the Sony Vegas’ video editing suite and have used a number of techniques to produce content at a standard I am proud of. I’ve embedded a few of my favourite productions below. Note that I designed the intro Idents, as well as captured and edited the videos together myself. These videos are my favourites because of the subject matter, showing a range of the content we have enjoyed sharing our experiences with.

The Play Expo is the UK’s best Video Gaming Expo. They have developer presentations and talks, prototype hardware, and every type of popular game device imaginable, from the oldest ZX Spectrum to the latest unreleased titles:


The crown for accurate consumer aircraft simulation rests with DCS. They beautifully model an aircraft cockpit on top of the simulation software that the military uses to train its pilots. The result? Accuracy. Also it takes 15 minutes to start the engines:


The Halo games are a great way to have some fun with friends, and when Halo 4 was released with shockingly bad frame-rate issues, we decided to remind our viewers how good the previous title was, and still is:


Another simulator, Kerbal Space Program aims to make designing viable spacecraft fun for children and adults alike. It is a wonderful educational tool that I hope will find a place in school Physics lessons in the future. In this video, I demonstrate how to fly a spacecraft launched from Earth to the Moon, land, and safely return:


In this final video we have some controversy. Maxis released SimCity, a reboot of the popular 90s franchise of the same name, to negative response. While there are a number of fun things about the game, and a number of issues that can be explained by the usual launch-week-woes, SimCity ultimately fails to deliver on what I, and most players, are looking for:

Project Details

  • Sony Vegas Self-taught
  • Produced over 150 videos
  • Have received over 250,000 views
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