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Logo Designs

From around the age of 16 I have dabbled in image editing and logo design. I discuss my general image editing a little more in another project, here I will show a few logos I’ve made over the years. This first logo incorporates real photographs of the Earth, Moon, Mars, a nebula and a star-field to create “oBi”:


Many of the things I produced were the result of experimentation. This next logo is a good example of that. The idea I had in my head was entirely different to this result! It’s one of my favourites:


This example was less of an experiment in logo creation and more an experiment in generating CGI shadows, and a glass-reflection effect on the text:


A more recent example shows the logo I created for use on my blog a few years ago. The logo, as with the blog design itself reflected my current minimalistic tastes, as well as the current state of website artwork. Minimalism is ‘in’ right now, thanks partly to modern high resolution displays. Put simply, hard contrasting lines look great on those displays.


Now we have two logos/idents created for my video productions. It may seem like a strange choice for an organisation name but it has two positive points. Firstly, the KMP name is unique. Secondly, it’s an inside joke between myself and other players of the video game Persona 4 that makes me happy when I’m reminded of it. If you’re going to do something, enjoy it!

While the below are only still versions of the images, they are both animated in my videos, accompanied by audio. They are showcased under my video productions projects.



My second ident I am particularly happy with, as it is made as homage to one of my favourite video games from when I was little. Burnin’ Rubber for the GX4000, Amstrad’s failed attempt at entering the console market. Firstly I will show a screen-capture from the Burnin’ Rubber game:


Secondly I will show my logo. Note that I kept the “Press Fire..” text from the original, and painstakingly preserved the flames behind the text frame for frame in the full animation, and the rest I recreated to be similar to the original but with my own slant:


While I am not a graphic designer by trade, I have always been more than able to produce something unique and attractive to suit my needs. Plus, it’s an awful lot of fun!

Project Details

  • Mostly Photoshop
  • Fun!
  • Animated Ident work for Video Production
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