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My Blog Articles

Sometimes when I feel passionate about a topic, I like to write about it. I decided to set up a blog for this, and now and then I’ll add to it.

I have covered several interesting topics, for example:

  • The best placement of mobile phone ports
  • Artificial Evolution simulators
  • The advent of the tablet/laptop hybrid
  • Text contrast and why it’s important to get it right for web development and print media
  • Basic radio wave explanations for Amateur Radio enthusiasts

The featured image at the top of this article shows one of the graphs I produced describing an ongoing experiment I was performing using artificial evolution software to create organisms that live, feed, breed and die. It was thoroughly interesting to see how, for example, population was closely tied to evolved ability to feed and breed.

My blog can currently be found at http://silvergravy.com.

Project Details

  • I write about what I enjoy
  • Blog features minmialistic design
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