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Audio Production

For several years I have been recording and editing both video and audio productions. This page will cover audio, another page will cover video.

I have produced several podcasts as well as all of the audio for my 150+ video productions. The videos themselves usually only require the audio to be cleaned up, which involves correcting the levels of the audio and removing background noise. I have recorded a tutorial on how to do this in the popular audio editor Audacity to assist others:


For my podcasts a significant amount of extra work was involved. Not only did I have to ensure that the recording conditions were excellent, and clean up the audio as above, but flow is far more important. I went through the recording bit-by-bit to tighten up dead air, keep the flow of the conversation at a good pace, remove erroneous noises and cut anything that didn’t work well. I typically shaved 5-10 minutes from a recording, and the result was of a much higher quality.

I also had to select a number of stings (short audio clips often with music, to break up the topics), write voice acting that my colleague Sean recorded (as he’s good at impressions), and then enter them at the appropriate junctures in the recording. I also selected a piece of music that I enjoyed for the theme, and edited it to better suit the introduction of the show.

These podcasts were my first foray into recording commentated content, and as such the content of the podcasts is not up to my current high standards. I am however proud of having produced them, and aim to produce more in the near future, working alongside another good friend and accomplished podcaster.

Project Details

  • Proficient in Audacity Editor
  • Edited multiple Podcasts
  • Audio edited over 150 videos
  • Knowledge of good recording conditions
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