A small introduction

Andrew Glynn

Tech Geek & Internet Aficionado from Manchester

I am a passionate technology enthusiast who has always enjoyed building and maintaining efficient and convenient home computer networks, as well as working on a variety of fun projects from hardware to artwork.

Once I got into the working world I quickly realised that I can apply the same passion for efficiency and fun to my work, and now I continue to push my workplace into the 21st century of efficient and effortless workflow using my favourite tool: Computers!

It is one of my dreams to one day see the death of the fax machine.

In my spare time I am an avid Internet enthusiast, which offshoots into Video Games, Media, Software and the fascinating unique culture of the world wide community itself.

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Work Experience

My previous associations

Mar, 2013
June, 2015

Bridgewater Hospital

Radiology Administrator & IT Support

I handled many of the administrative tasks of a specialist Radiology department. Often this role was wide reaching into related areas such as chaperoning patients and liaising with other healthcare providers, patients and sports organisations.

Of note, I was continually working to move my department into more efficient methods of operation by utilising modern technology. An example of this would be the software that I had written to fully automate the processing of thousands of patient records, freeing up my colleagues to work on other tasks.

A more security-centric example would be my research and progress to implementing a more secure patient data transfer system between our organisation and external sources, by removing unsafe methods of transfer and introducing encrypted and auditable methods in their place.

Finally, as there was no in-house IT department at my workplace, I was called upon by all departments of my hospital on any routine day-to-day technical issues, from printer drivers, to helpful IT knowledge, to swapping out PC components.

The Bridgewater Hospital went into Administration and ceased business in June 2015.

Aug, 2012
Mar, 2013

Blockbuster Video LLC

Retail Clerk

My love and knowledge of TV, Movies and Video Games served me well in my time at Blockbuster, as well as my kind manner and genuine interest in making people happy.

I enjoyed helping customers find the right item to suit them, as well as having fun discussions with them about the quality and finer points of the movies, TV shows, etc.

All in all, Blockbuster introduced me to a fully customer facing role and gave me a first hand insight into the retail world. Both of which have taught me much.

Aug, 2007

IT Support & Repairs


For years I have provided advice, software and hardware support to my friends, colleagues and others.

I find it deeply enjoyable and rewarding to be able to help people out with their tech, be it fixing a misbehaving piece of software, faulty RAM, or just a bad case of malware.

Aug, 2006
Aug, 2007

Universal Utilities Ltd

Financial Accounts Administrator

Working in Financial Accounts department of the business' head office, I handled a large volume of incoming payments from our small business customers and balanced the books. These payments came in the form of cheque and cash. If the customer didn't pay their bill via direct debit, it was myself that handled their payment.

I had to ensure that the work was completed by a specific time every day regardless of volume, as the payments needed to be couriered to the bank for deposit that day.

I also handled filing and data entry for the personnel files of our large throughput of telesales employees.


Teen Moods Support

Community Administrator and Counsellor

Teen Moods is an online community for teens and young adults to communicate and share their experiences with depression, anxiety, and related problems in their lives.

After joining quickly became a leading member both in my appointment as an Administrator running the community, and also through my ability to aid my peers with their issues.

In my time with TM I also organised and attended a number of meet-ups across the UK, which were a great way to get many of our socially outcast members and members that felt alone in their lives together to have fun and engage with their peers.


A few of my skills


110 WPM, better than 98% of others in a sample set of 87,000

IT Hardware Support

Years of having things break has taught me much in diagnosis & repair.

General Web Development

I have customised several sites under Joomla & WordPress, utilising HTML & CSS knowledge.


I have an excellent grasp of the the written word and can wield it very successfully when necessary.

Windows OS Support

Having clocked roughly 1.25 years of actual Sitting-At-PC use over 15 years, I am more than familiar with Windows’ quirks and characteristics.

Logical Thinking

Weighing all the angles before approaching any situation is best, and I’m rather good at it.


Anybody can know. The point is to understand.

2004 - 2006

Loreto College


Academically at college I completed the BTEC National Diploma IT Practitioners General course at DDM grade.

I also co-founded the Loreto College Gaming Club. We got together once a week after hours in the common room with some computers donated by the college then re-purposed by myself (and later, our own laptops). It turned out to be a great way to enjoy our hobby and socialise after college, as well as encouraging others to get into gaming culture both as an activity and as a career.

1999 - 2004

Saint Paul's High School


Besides completing a dozen GCSEs at grade C and above, I was member of both the Piano club and Computer club. My favourite classes were IT and Electronics.

At age 12 I was introduced to the wonderful world of the Internet at school, and from then on I regularly attended the computer room after school, until I finally got an Internet connection at home.

At age 13 I built my own website to provide my classmates with access to emulated games to play in class, as well as providing instructions on how to access Instant Message clients in school to talk privately over the network. Some of my fondest memories are of playing Age Of Empires 2 during an IT lesson, and some of my best friendships forged in that class.


showcase of my works


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